What do I need to create a Brutalk account?
To create your Brutalk account you only need an active email address, click on the register button and simply enter your name, your email address and your account password.
I can not register, I get an error
Verify that you are entering a valid and active email address, if the problem persists please contact us.
I have forgotten my account password
To recover the password of your account you only have to go to the login page, there you will see a link with the text recover password, enter your email and in a few seconds you will receive an email with the instructions to create a new password.
Can I share my account with more people?
Yes, the accounts have no limit to the number of users that can use them, so you can create a single account and share it with the rest of the members of your company or business.
How can I cancel and close my account?
To cancel and close your account you will have to open a support ticket with the request, in a few minutes we will answer you and take the necessary actions to delete or block your account.
What payment methods can I use to pay?
You can make your card payments securely with stripe, Paypal, your Apple Pay account and your Google Pay account.
How can I change my subscription plan?
To modify your subscription just log in to your Brutalk account and go to the my subscriptions menu, there you can see all the details of your current subscription and modify it to a diff subscription.
How long does it take for a change of subscription to take effect?
If the change you make is for a higher subscription the change will be made instantly, if you make a change for a lower subscription the change will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle so that you can take advantage of your current subscription until the last day.
How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription just log into your Brutalk account, go to the my subscriptions menu, you will see your current active subscription, click on options and unsubscribe. From this point on your subscription will stop renewing, so it will remain active only until the end of the current cycle.
What are the benefits of having an active Brutalk subscription?
By having an active subscription every month you will receive in your account the amount of characters included in the subscription you have contracted, plus you will have access to extensions to increase the characters in your account with up to 50% discount.
How many languages does Brutalk speak?
Brutalk speaks 47 different languages with 229 different voices and accents.
Why are the Brutalk voices so real and natural?
Brutalk is powered by the V20 artificial intelligence engine developed by Zentica Global, a unique artificial intelligence engine that delivers, among many other things, spectacular text-to-speech file conversion results.
What do I have to do to convert my text to speech?
The first thing you need to do is to register and have an active Brutalk account, now you need to activate a payment plan for your account, you can select from our monthly subscriptions or buy character packs. When your account has characters available you will see a new menu in your user panel to convert your text to speech.
How can I introduce effects and manipulate the way the text is read?
Accessing the text to speech conversion menu from your user panel you will see the advanced text editor, this editor allows you to include in your text different options and effects just by clicking on the buttons.
How can I download the generated voice file?
Once you have generated your voice file it will be added to your list of voice files, to download it just select it and click on the download button.
In which format are audio files generated?
Audio files are generated in .mp3 format.
How long are my audios stored in Brutalk?
The audios generated in Brutalk will remain in your account until you cancel it or delete the files, even if you cancel your subscription your files will still be available at any time.
What additional services can I contract?
You can contract translation services into any of the languages supported by Brutalk, the translations are carried out by native speakers. You can also hire special services for the creation of audio books.
How can I contract an additional service?
In your user panel you will see a menu of additional services, there you will see all the additional services that you can contract and how to contract them.