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Brutalk converts your text to speech in 47 languages, with over 229 different human and natural voices. Create your professional voiceovers online.

Brutalk, the artificial intelligence of the future

Create your professional voiceovers online

Capable of speaking 47 languages in a totally human and natural way and with more than 229 different voices and accents, makes Brutalk the world No. 1 online voice-over creation tool.

With Brutalk you can create voiceovers for your videos, create audios, audio books, answering machines and endless possibilities with natural, real and professional results.

You also have your own cloud storage space to store all your voiceovers, without any limits.

Discover the Brutalk pricing plans and start converting your text to speech now!

Here are some ideas of what you can do with Brutalk

Discover the Brutalk power

Video voiceovers

Create professional voiceovers for your videos of any kind, choose the perfect voice and tone to enhance the value of your videos with a natural result.

Simples voiceovers

Create simple audios, to create your podcast, engage with your audience or clients in any language in a native and natural way.

Ads voiceovers

Create voice or video ads in any language, expand your audience, your audience and your potential customers by engaging them in their own language in a natural and native way.


Audiobooks are the present, do not get left behind and expand your readers or listeners, create your audiobook in a few seconds in any language and expand your market.


Create your own voice, for your business, for you or for your company. With Brutalk you can create a unique digital voice identity in a few seconds, using the same voice for different languages and give an international impression.

Call centers

Use Brutalk to create automated voiceovers for your Call Centers, make your customers or potential customers identify the human staff behind the phone with natural and professional audio.

Convert your text to natural and professional speechs

Brutalk is much more than a text to speech converter.

Brutalk is pure artificial intelligence, capable of speaking 47 languages and with more than 229 different accents. With the advanced text editor you can add effects to your audio, the way it is read, its intonation, pauses, endless options and possibilities to create incredible voiceovers.

Overview of the Brutalk different pricing plan types

Monthly plans

With the monthly price plans we will credit in your account every month the amount of characters contracted, besides being the cheapest option you have access to the character extensions with which you can extend the characters of your account at any time without affecting the cost of your monthly plan.

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Pay per use

If you do not want to have a monthly plan this is your best solution, buy character packs and use them when you need them. You can buy as many packs as you need without any limit or restriction. The characters in your account do not expire, so you will always have them available.

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Create online human voiceovers from your text

24-hour customer service and support

And of course, at Brutalk we are available 24 hours a day to help you, both through support tickets and our online chat.

Brutalk is a brand of the Zentica Global technology group, any Brutalk user can be assured that behind Brutalk is one of the most reputable companies in the world in the field of artificial intelligence and web services.

The satisfaction of our clients and the quality of our services are our best letter of introduction, our purpose and our satisfaction. This has led us to become a global benchmark.

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